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McNally Industries

Since 1942, McNally Industries has served the United States Department of Defense and the world’s largest prime contractors with hydro-mechanical and electro-mechanical systems as well as complex, precision machined components for critical defense and aerospace applications.

Multiple Platforms One Blade Clamp
This secure, long-term solution with no wearable parts saves both maintenance time and manpower over conventional MRB removal practices. Overall, this means less down time for an aircraft.

• Fully encompasses blade chord without bending
  trailing edge or trim tab so there is no need to   rebalance blades

• Custom interchangeable liners to accommodate
  various MRB sizes

• Light weight anodized aluminum body
  (total weight 57lbs.)

• Ability to manipulate blade horizontally and vertically

• Mechanical latching mechanism locks clamp into
  place without possibility of over-tightening

• Can place the blade directly into GSE rack while
  still in the clamp

• Part of the U.S. Army’s Peculiar Ground Support
  Equipment/Deployment Support Kit

• Over 230 clamps fielded; currently used on all
  variants of H-60, S-70i and S-92 accommodate
  various MRB sizes

• Listed as GSE in Maintenance Manuals for S-70i
  and H-60M for MRB removal and installation
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