Custom Solutions

Integration and Upgrade Services

Aero Precision is proud to provide a variety of tailored solutions for our customers. As aircraft age and technology improves it is imperative to make sure that your fleet is operating at its highest potential. With that goal in mind, Aero Precision has partnered with some of the best minds in Military Aerospace to provide unique solutions that are both cost effective and increase the capability of a variety of legacy aircraft.

Aero Precision's solutions include but are not limited to...

Integrated Logistics Support
Rotable Pools
Avionics Upgrades
Roll-On/Roll-Off ISR, GPS, SATCOM
Armor Upgrade
DLM Capability Transfers

Technical Support and Training
New Systems Integration and STC
Test Stands
Structural Modifications

International Support

Aero Precision’s International Sales Team works directly with over 60 foreign governments worldwide, successfully completing thousands of international contracts yearly.
Aero Precision provides OEMs ideal access to international markets through the following:

  • Extensive history as a trusted partner for handling international complexities
  • The ability to work through various procurement channels such as: US offices, regional procurement offices, in-country MROs, government embassies, direct requests, local tenders and US FMS
  • Expertise in a variety of complex international terms and conditions such as bid/performance bonds, letters of credit and all modes of international shipment
  • A worldwide network that includes both foreign nationals as consultants and in-country offices and TRACE certified representatives
  • Capabilities covering all military services (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Special Forces) and multiple platforms
  • Strict export compliance system exceeding all current US Department of State standards

Import Requirements

US Government Support

Whether its spares or repairs, in support of DLA, a dedicated Service Component buying activity, a U.S. Military depot, or a line maintenance division at the squadron level, Aero Precision exhausts every resource available in order to generate solutions for armed forces. Among several attributes, our US Government Support Program offers:

  • A DLA ABVS rating (96.4) that far exceeds national supplier average
  • Regular GSI visits/audits from local DCMA personnel
  • Expertise in US GOVT military packaging and shipping directives
  • Proficiency in Cost/Pricing proposal generation IAW FAR Table 15.2
  • Experience with FAR 15 contracts
  • Management for Source Approval and First Article Testing (FAT)
  • SBSA channel partner representation for multiple major OEMs
  • Contacts in small business, engineering, item management and procurement offices at all three DLA and every Service Component purchasing activity

Domestic Support

Piece part support programs are efficient and scalable at Aero Precision. Regardless of project scope, whether your requirements are recurring or non-recurring, involve a single product or product lines of multiple OEMs, their Domestic Team can tailor a support system that meets your needs exactly.

  • 1st Tier Piece Part Supplier of Choice for four prime contractors executing multimillion dollar repair projects with the USA and USAF
  • Tiered system of domestic customers facilitates low quote TAT
  • Expertly managed delivery timelines to promote JIT delivery and prevent maintenance delays
  • Inventory reports issued to top-tier customers regularly (along with program pricing)
  • Tailored kitting solutions and detailed component management services available for customers executing phased maintenance work